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Wonderful old trees deserve respect, if you’re lucky enough to have one please treat it well. 

Trees are handsome additions to any yard and provide extra comfort for birds, people, and houses when sited properly. Since tree choices are extensive, we can’t provide every variety, but instead select for multi-seasonal characteristics-flowers, branch color, bark, scent, leaf size and color. All are unusual and small when we first receive them because young trees grow rapidly and are easier to plant (and much less expensive). Still, we usually have a selection of sizes growing in pots. This year we added the small red-flowered house chestnut ‘Pavia’, and a new smaller big-leafed magnolia, Magnolia macropetala, “Ashei” This last one has 12in white flowers that bloom one by one in early summer. We still love allbizias, chitalpas, willows and cotinus (smoke tree) for their textures, and magnolias for their romance. All our trees are hardy to zone 7; don’t forget to water and fertilize as trees take about three years to stabilize. Visit our current collection at the nursery!


Looking for Fruit Trees?

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