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Lower, Shade Tolerant Bamboo


We have a limited supply of bamboo and we may be out of certain varieties depending on the season. Prices are subject to changes based on availability and season.


Chimonobambusa quadrangularis ‘Golden Square Stem’ 

Hardiness: 15 F

Maximum Height: 15 feet

Maximum Diameter: 1.5”

‘Suow’ is an excellent hedge plant. Its upright habit, colorful square culms, and lush leaves 

make it extraordinarily attractive. Can acquire a reddish blush in the sun.

‘Suow’ can die back to the ground in very cold winters.



Indocalamus Tessalatus  

Hardiness: -5 F

Maximum Height: 5 – 6 feet

Maximum Diameter: .30”

It’s giant leaves are the largest of any bamboo. This hardy, low growing plan is a unique

ornamental cultivar. The leaves can grow up to 4’’ x 24”.



Pleioblastus shibuyanus ‘Tsuboi’

Hardiness: -5 F

Maximum Height: 6-9 feet

Maximum Diameter: <.05”

A variegated small-leaf bamboo; each leaf has a white stripe in the center. We suggest using this bamboo to create a lovely garden accent or variegated hedge.



Pleioblastus viridistriatus ‘Dwarf Greenstripe’  

Hardiness:  0 F                                                 

Maximum Height: 3 feet             

Maximum Diameter: 0.3"

In Spring, the new leaves are chartreuse with green stripes. This stunning variegation modifies to

bright green as the plant matures. This is an excellent shady area ground cover.



Pseudoblastus japonica ‘Japanese Arrow Bamboo’  

Hardiness: 0 F

Maximum Height: 18 feet

Maxium Diameter: 1”

A wonderful screen or container bamboo and can thrive indoors. Great bamboo for a windy location.



Qiongzhuea tumidissinoda 'Chinese Walking Stick’

Hardiness: 10 F                                                                                

Maximum Height: 17 feet                                                                    

Maximum Diameter: 0.75"

Unique disk-like swollen nodes give this distinctive plant it's walking stick appearance.

It also has unusually luxuriant foliage and tasty shoots. Prefers shade. 



Sasa palmata     

Hardiness:  5 F      

Maximum Height: 7 feet

Maximum Diameter: 0.5"

A tall sasa with dramatic large leaves that grow up to 14" long. It will grow in sun, but looks

best in shade.



Sasa veitchii       

Hardiness:  0 F      

Maximum Height: 3-4 feet

Maximum Diameter:    0.3”

Very showy winter foliage. Large leaves are edged in parchment after the first couple of frosts.

Clip short every few years to renew foliage.



Sasaella masumeana 'Albostriata'  

Hardiness:  +10 F                          

Maximum Height: 6 feet

Maximum Diameter: 0.3"

Variegated bamboo with large leaves.  A fine ground cover that benefits from annual

mowing to restore its variegation.



Shibatea kumasaca  

Hardiness: 0 F               

Maximum Height: 7 feet

Maximum Diameter: 0.3"

This dark green bamboo with short, broad leaves is fine forlow hedging or tall ground cover. 

It's slender, nearly solid culms have prominent nodes.

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