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Medium to Large Running Bamboo

We have a limited supply of bamboo and we may be out of certain varieties depending on the season. Prices are subject to changes based on availability and season. 


Borinda angustissima   

Hardiness: 15 F

Maximum Height: 12-20 feet

Maximum Diameter: 0.5”

The graceful weeping willow of bamboos, this bamboo thrives in a cool

place sheltered from wind and afternoon sun. 



Borinda boliana   

Hardiness: 10 F

Maximum Height: 24 feet

Maximum Diameter: 1.5”

Allow ample space for this fast growing bamboo. 



Hibonobambusa tranquilans 'Shiroshima'   

Hardiness:  0 F

Maximum Height: 16 feet

Maximum Diameter:  1"

Exotic look with large highly variegated leaves.  Thought to be a

natural hybrid from Northern Japan. Some leaves

acquire a violet hue when grown in sun.



Himalayacalamus asper  

Maximum Height: 20 Feet

Maximum Diameter: 1.5"

Hardiness: 20 F

This is a really beautiful shade loving plant. Culms can become maroon colored in sun


Himalayacalamus falconeri   

Hardiness: 20 F

Maximum Height: 20 Feet

Beautiful lush green leaves, erect with green culms.



Himalayacalamus falconeri ‘Damacapa’  

Hardiness: 20 F

Maximum Height: 20 feet

Commonly known as Candy Cane Bamboo due to its striking colors.

Red and yellow canes have subtle yet effective dark green striping.

Not recommended indoors  



Phyllostachys atrovaginata 'Incense Bamboo'  

Hardiness:  -10 F

Height: 30 feet

Maximum Diameter:  3"

Previously named ‘Congesta’, this bamboo is prized in landscaping

for its rapid growth andits large stem diameter relative to its height

giving it  large bamboo ‘looks’ without the huge plant size. 



Phyllostachys aurea ‘Holochrysa’  

Height: 15-20 feet

Maximum Diameter: 1.25"

Compressed internodes give this golden bamboo it's unique look

"Holochrysa" makes an excellent privacy screen.


Phyllostachys aurea 'Flavescens Inversa’   

Hardiness: 0 F

Maximum Height: 27 feet

Maximum Diameter:    1.25"

An attractive variant of golden, but with green sulcus stripes. 

Limb up for best display of decorative culms.



Phyllostachys aurea ‘Golden’  

Hardiness: 5 F                          

Maximum Height: 30 feet

Maximum Diameter: 1.25”

Also known as golden bamboo


Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulus’  

Hardiness: -10 F

Maximum Height: 25-30 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2”

‘Golden Crookstem Bamboo'



Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'  

Hardiness:  -15 F

Maximum Height: 28 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2"    

Spectacular--erect, showy yellow culms with a dark green sulcus.

When grown in sun the yellow culms turn violet/red in spring.


Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Yellow Groove’  

Hardiness:  -12 F

Maximum Height: 25 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2.5"

 “Yellow Grove” – fast growing, extremely hardy, erect bamboo.

Features yellow sulcus striping on dark green stems. Frequently

grows with a zigzag near the base.

Phyllostachys bambusoidies 'All Gold'  

Hardiness: 5 F

Maximum Height: 35 feet   

Maximum Diameter: 2.5"

High quality wood with the best golden color. Slow to achieve full size

but worth the wait.



Phyllostachys bambusoidies ‘Castillon’  

Hardiness: 5 F

Maximum Height: 30 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2.5”

One of the finest ornamental bamboos, Castillon

is bright yellow with highly contrasting green stripes. The leaves are

also wonderfully variegated.



Phyllostachys bambusoidies 'Japanese Timber'  

Hardiness: 5 F

Maximum Height: 70 feet

Maximum Diameter: 5"

“Madake” or “Japanese Timber Bamboo” – The strongest of all

North American timber bamboos. Grows straight and strong. 

It is the preferred construction bamboo in Japan.


Phyllostachys bissetii  

Hardiness:  -20 F

Maximum Height: 30 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2"

Fast growing, very dark green. It's rapid growth and dense

habit make it a strong privacy barrier.It is among the

hardiest large bamboos.



Phyllostachys edulis 'Moso'   

Hardiness: 5 F

Maximum Height: 60 feet

Maximum Diameter: 6"

Also called Ph. Heterocycla pubescens. Moso is the largest hardy

timber bamboo and arguably the most beautiful. In addition to its

grand, straight culms, Moso features masses of delicate leaves which

add to its unique look. Very slow growing in the Northwest.

New culms are covered with velvety hairs that disappear with time.

Moso is widely prized for its food quality of its shoots.



Phyllostachys humilis  

Hardiness: 0 F

Maximum Height: 17 feet

Maximum Diameter: 1"

Good substitute for aurea.   Rapid growing to fifteen feet.

A graceful olive culmed bamboo. 

Culms darken to near black with age.



Phyllostachys nigra ‘Black Bamboo’  

Hardiness: 0 F                                             

Maximum  Height: 30 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2"

‘Black bamboo’ emerges green and gradually changes to

jet black after two years. Excellent for hedges,

individual plantings, & craftwood.



Phyllostachys nigra 'Bory'  

Hardiness:  5 F

Maximum Height: 50 feet

Maximum Diameter: 3"

‘Black Spot’ like nigra, but larger and more vigorous.

Culms are marked with black spots, excellent in

construction & craft work.



Phyllostachys nigra 'Megurochiku’  

Hardiness:  5 F

Maximum Height: 40 feet

Maximum Diameter: 3.0"

This form of Nigra features a dark brown stripe on the

sulcus and smaller shimmering leaves.



Phyllostachys rubromarginata 

Hardiness: -5 F

Max height: 60 feet

Maximum Diameter: 2”

Fast grower with red margins that appear on new shoots.

The height and flexibility of rubromarginata make it an excellent windbreak.



Phyllostachys viridis ‘Robert Young’  

Hardiness: 0 F

Maximum Height: 35 feet

Maximum Diameter: 3”

New culms are green turning to yellow as they mature.

Often exhibiting random dark green stripes. Full sun, generally slow to spread. 



Phyllostachys vivax  

Hardiness: 5 F

Maximum Height: 60 feet

Maximum Diameter: 5"

Vivax is probably the largest bamboo growing in the Northwest. Moso

might eventually equalit in size here but it grows so much more slowly

that we will be a long time finding out.  Vivax features a robust thick stemmed

look and grows quickly to great size. Despite its sturdy look,

Vivax is not strong and fails quickly under snow load.



Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis'  

Hardiness:  -5 F

Maximum Height: 60 feet

Maximum Diameter: 4"

‘Golden Vivax’ is simply gorgeous. It combines the great size and beauty of green Vivax with

stunning  bright greenon gold striping. It’s probably the most spectacular of all temperate bamboo.



Phyllostachys vivax ‘Huangwenzhu’  

Hardiness: -5 to -9 F

Maximum Height: 45-70 feet

Maximum Diameter: 3-5”

Common name Yellow Groove Vivax



Semiarundinaria fastuosa 'Viridis'  

Hardiness: 5 F

Maximum Height: 20 feet

Maximum Diameter: 1.5"

Hardy and dense. Makes a great midsize hedge/screen. 

Upright, dark green foliage takes topping well.

Good in containers. 



Semiarundinaria yashadake 'Kimmei'  

Hardiness:  0 F                                      

Maximum Height: 17 feet

Maximum Diameter:  1"

Vigorous  large leafed bamboo; it's yellow culms  have

green grooves. When grown in sun, the culms turn

beautifully  red at summer's end.

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