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a ferme ornée


Boxhill is a modern version of the 18th century ferme ornée - a method of incorporating existing farm structures and farm activities into a more conveninent, comfortable and visually pleasing whole. Philip Southcote, an Englishman, coined this term for his inherited farm after he "improved" it in order to tempt his friends to visit from London. Thomas Jefferson borrowed the idea for Monticello, his lifelong experimental farm in Virginia. With a lot more help from machines, we implemented the  ferme ornée method to enhance our 1908 dairy farm and dust it off for the 21st century. We love plants, and they are the perfect decoration for a lovely old space. It's a project, like any garden, it's always in transition but still has a rustic, calm, simple direction. Boxhill has good ideas to borrow and a fine collection of plants for sale and it's a perfect modern Snoqualmie Valley ferme ornée tempting you to visit. 

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